Meaning of dreaming about snakes

Meaning of dreaming about snakes

Why do we dream of snakes?

Dreams with snakes are quite common, it is one of the animals that appears most frequently in dreams. Snakes arouse contradictory feelings in people, although they usually make us enter a state of alert also vary between repulsion, fear or fascination. Some people feel a true phobia towards this animal and are not able to see them, while others find them so fascinating that they can even have them as a pet.

Definitely, and being objective, the snake is a dangerous animal, but it cannot be denied that it is also a disturbing and almost hypnotic creature. The presence of a snake in our dreams can produce a feeling of great fear and panic. It’s an animal that can end our lives, which is not pleasant at all. However, the appearance of a snake in dreams is a very powerful and multifaceted symbol, which can have numerous meanings.

If you have recently experienced an event related to snakes, be it real or on television, or especially if you have an irrational fear of this animal, it is very likely to appear in your dreams as a memory that manifests your subconscious. Don’t give it any more thought.

However, if you haven’t had a close experience with a snake or feel any unusual phobia, your dream may hide a deeper meaning. Keep reading the various interpretations of dreaming of snakes.

What is the meaning of dreaming of snakes?

Dreams with animals that generally produce rejection, such as dreaming of rats or dreaming of spiders, do not always have negative connotations. In the case of snakes, their performance can vary greatly.

For some experts, dreaming of snakes is related to deceit and betrayal. In Christian societies, the symbol of the serpent is associated with the story of Adam and Eve, who were deceived by the serpent to disobey God.

Other analysts claim that snakes are related to our state of health, so dreaming about them is a sign of possible complications or diseases.

But we have already said that not all of its meanings need to be negative. The snake is also a symbol of seduction, so depending on your dream, it may be referring to your own sexuality and desire.

However, we have already told you that interpretations can be very varied, everything depends on the characteristics of the dream and our personal context. That’s why only you will be able to discover the meaning that best suits you and your situation. We show you several interpretations depending on the specific details that may appear in your dreams with snakes.

Interpretation of concrete dreams with snakes

Depending on the type of snake, the meaning may vary. If you dream of a large snake, like a boa, it means that you are a very ambitious person and you don’t settle for what you have, you always want more and you don’t value enough what you have achieved so far. Dreaming of a rattlesnake is related to your need to attract attention, to make others care more about you and take you into account, because you feel that you do not support you enough. If a dead snake appears in your dream, it is likely that you have recently overcome some bump or solved a problem that had you very worried and you are still thinking about it. Dreaming of a cobra snake is associated with loving betrayal, you may be going through difficulties and feel a certain mistrust towards your partner, although we do not necessarily speak of infidelity, but of your own fear that this will happen.

Depending on the behavior of the snake and your interaction with it, interpretations may also vary. If you are surrounded by snakes, you may have some suspicion that someone in your circle is cheating or trying to betray you. It refers to false relationships and lies. Dreaming of a snake wrapped around your body is related to your sensuality. You’re a person who enjoys sex and seduction. Some experts say that dreaming that you’re eating a snake is associated with sexual need. When you dream of a snake attacking you, don’t let your guard down. You feel that someone very close to you, a friend or family member, is betraying you. If you dream that you have snakes like pets, you probably like power and control. Dreaming of a snake moulting the skin is associated with important changes in our life that will renew us completely. The dreams in which you kill a snake are positive, because they mean that you have discovered a betrayal or deception of someone close to you and have put the cards on the table.

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